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George Hazelrigg – Recording Harpsichord

J.S. Bach’s Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue in D Minor (BWV 903) performed on Gavin Black’s Keith Hill two-manual German-style harpsichord. Performed by George Hazelrigg, Produced by Geoff Hazelrigg and Gavin Black and Engineered by Doug Fearn.

Equipment used: 2 AEA R44CXE Ribbon Microphones, Merging Hapi A/D converter – captured audio In 11.2 MHz DSD and, of course, a D.W. Fearn VT-2 two-channel all tube preamplifier and VT-5 two-channel all tube equalizer.

D.W. Fearn

D.W. Fearn equipment has become an essential part of the craft, artistry, and workflow of artists, engineers, producers and studios all over the world. As audio engineers and musicians ourselves, our mission is simple: to create intrinsically musical gear using the highest-quality specifications, components, and tubes to equal the dedication we have to our own artistic and technical visions. 

The Gear

VT-1 Preamp Single-Channel


VT-2 Preamp Dual-Channel


VT-4 EQ Single-Channel


VT-5 EQ Dual-Channel


VT-7 Compressor Dual-Channel

D.W.Fearn & Hazelrigg Industries

In 2017, after years of apprenticeship on the workbench and in the studio, brothers Geoff and George Hazelrigg of Hazelrigg Industries assumed D.W. Fearn's manufacturing, marketing, and business activities. Doug Fearn continues to act as the principal product designer and serves as a consultant to the Hazelriggs. Hazelrigg Industries manufacture and service all D.W. Fearn and Hazelrigg equipment in Bucks County, PA.

In addition to running D.W. Fearn, the Hazelrigg Brothers also are accomplished recording artists, recording engineers, and pilots.

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