Before returning your unit, please make sure the problem is really in the D.W. Fearn product. (About 70% of the returned units are actually working perfectly. The problem is usually bad cables or bad patch panels.)

Here are some things to try first:

1. Try different cables on the input and output.
2. Connect a different preamp/line level device with the same cables and see if it works.
3. With preamps, try a different mic. (make sure phantom power is on or off as required).
4. Bypass all patch panels and connect the inputs and outputs directly.

If you are still having a problem, contact us by e-mail (dwfearn@dwfearn.com) or telephone (+610-793-2526). We can often offer suggestions that may help you to do the repair yourself, especially if the problem is a defective tube.

To return one of our products for warranty repair, out-of-warranty repair or for a check-up, please use our RMA form. Print the form and include it in the box with your unit.

1. Use the original box and packing material if possible.
2. If you use your own box, make sure it has at least 2 inches (50cm) of room on all sides of the unit. The box should be a heavy-duty type (275lb -- see the circle on the bottom of the box).
3. DO NOT USE PACKING PEANUTS! The majority of units we receive this way arrive with some damage. Packing peanuts are for light-weight, fragile objects. They should not be used with heavy equipment like we make.
4. Surround the unit on all sides with at least 2 inches (50cm) of bubblewrap or foam inserts designed for shipping rack-mounted equipment.
5. Be sure to include the RMA form.

We give priority to warranty repair items. Other repairs may take a little longer. Our shop is small and we do not have a dedicated service staff, so please allow a couple of weeks for us to work on your unit.

RMA Form click here.

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