I had the opportunity to do some work at Abbey Road Studios in London in January 2008, thanks to my old friend, producer Michael Thomas. Here are a few photos I took while I was there.
Doug Fearn


Back in the 70s I worked with Doug in his studio when we were recording engineers in Philadelphia. When I started producing this new artist, Steve Wilson out of Raleigh NC (SteveWilsonBand.com), I called Doug and bought the VT-2 for all of the vocals and the acoustic guitars.

“When I brought the Fearn gear into Osceola Recording Studios in Raleigh, Ian Schreier the studio engineer and I were extremely pleased at the open, transparency of the voices and guitars. We had many other choices but settled on the D.W. Fearn equipment.

“After I decided to complete the debut CD for Steve at Abbey Road, I called Doug and asked him if he wanted to bring some red boxes to London and join us for the experience. Remember, we had full access to all of the vintage gear at Abbey Road, including the Fairchild 660s and the home-made EMI limiters made over 40 years ago just for EMI Studios’ use. Ian, Doug and I compared all the fantastic old gear and I decided to use the red boxes…just amazing gear for the best sound. We used the VT-2 mic preamps and the VT-7 compressors on all vocals, acoustic guitars and the grand piano.”

Michael Thomas
MT Productions
Raleigh, NC


Special thanks to our U.K. dealer, ASAP (Europe) for allowing us to use their demo VT-2 and VT-7 for the sessions.

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