D.W. Fearn Licenses Hazelrigg Industries to
Manufacture and Market the VT Product Line

The arrangement allows D.W. Fearn founder Doug Fearn to devote more time to designing new products

West Chester, PA – D.W. Fearn, a leading manufacturer of professional vacuum tube audio recording equipment, recently announced that as of January 1, 2017, production and marketing of its iconic line of gear with the distinctive red front panels will be handled by Hazelrigg Industries under an exclusive licensing agreement. D. W. Fearn President and founder Doug Fearn will continue to design new products and will serve as a consultant to George and Geoff Hazelrigg. This is not the first time that the two organizations and the three men have collaborated.

“I have complete confidence that George and Geoff will do right by the products and our customers,” said Fearn. “We three share a similar audio philosophy and approach to sound recording, as well as a shared history.  I designed the amplifier and power supply for their VLC-1 channel strip product, Geoff worked for me as an assembler of D.W. Fearn gear, and he and George have participated in recording sessions in my studio.” All three are pilots.

In addition to running their manufacturing company, the Hazelriggs also are accomplished  musicians, with Geoff on upright bass and George on keyboards.

“My brother and I are intimately acquainted with D.W. Fearn gear and are happy to embrace the awesome responsibility of making these critically acclaimed products available to the recording public,” said Geoff Hazelrigg. “We are working closely with the D.W. Fearn dealer and vendor network to ensure that current and future customers experience no interruption in service or support.”

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