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The Red Legacy

The D.W.Fearn Legend

a film by Alain Le Kim

from the Soundstrips description:

“Just building a tube thing on a printed circuit board didn’t  appeal to me. I just liked the idea of the old fashion way of building  it on a metal chassis. And that’s the way I designed it to be built. And I came to the realization later that doing things with point-to- point wiring allows you to build things in three dimensions. The less tortuous you make the path, the better things work.”


Alain Le Kim is a French documentary film maker and photographer. He also appreciates fine equipment, whether it is a camera, a microphone, or audio electronics. This prompted Alain to make a series of documentary films about some of the audio equipment designers he has encountered in his travels around the world.

Alain spent two weeks living with us while making this film. For someone like me, who has been a “behind-the-scenes” person all my life, the idea of being the subject of a film was somewhat uncomfortable. But Alain’s relaxed style, along with his passionate interest in the world of audio, made the process very easy for me. Although I still cringe at some of the things I wish I had explained better, I am pleased with film that Alain made.

Please don’t stop at “The Red Legacy,” however. Alain has made films about many fascinating people, many of whom are friends of mine. Watching Alain’s films, I learned new things about people I had known for decades.

Be sure to take a look at Alain’s photo galleries as well. His pictures are the work of a true artist.

Special Presentation
An Evening with D.W. Fearn
recorded live at Woolly Mammoth Studios in Boston for the Boston chapter of the AES. Event sponsored by DSPdoctor.

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