Hazelrigg Industries


Tube Microphone Preamp

Tube DI (Direct Injection) Interface

Passive 4-way LC Equalizer

Line Level Processor for Tone Contouring

The debut offering in the Hazelrigg Industries Solutions Series, the VLC is a powerful and elegant All-Tube Preamp/EQ combination designed to address the sonic challenges faced by today’s audio professionals.


Confidence: to go


With backgrounds in live performance and production, brothers Geoff and George Hazelrigg approach the design and manufacturing of studio equipment from the perspective of the artists, with a deep understanding of the goals and challenges they face. While the Hazelrigg Brothers often work in beautifully outfitted studios (or truck racks of gear into less well-equipped venues), they found that many of their colleagues were facing very different obstacles. With changes in production methods, more and more tracks were being cut in bedrooms and hotel rooms, on headphones or unfamiliar monitor systems, with the resulting audio showing the marks of these inconsistencies.  

The VLC brings order to this sonic chaos by delivering confidence. Confidence that the tracks captured with the VLC will hold their own in the mix and deliver the emotional impact of the original performance. Confidence that tracks recorded on other gear can be brought up to the level of quality that today’s engineers and producers demand. And confidence that this can all be done quickly, easily and – most importantly – by ear.

The VLC is simply a solution: an elegant, high-performance Preamp/EQ combo that delivers world class sonics while still being able to fit into the overhead bin. 

The foundation of the VLC is the legendary Preamp and Power Supply design utilized in the VT series of Tube Microphone Preamplifiers from D.W. Fearn. Designed for sonic transparency and delivering incredible headroom, the VLC will produce stunning results with dynamic, condenser and ribbon microphones and will change the way that you approach your mic locker during a session.


A rotary switch on the front panel will also select between Microphone, Instrument Input (DI) or the Balanced Line Level Input located on the back panel. The all tube DI path is ideal for acoustic instruments with pickups, electric bass, modular synths or any instrument that would enjoy a bit of D. W. Fearn magic, while the Line Level Input allows the VLC to be wired as an insert on your mixer or DAW for fast and easy “re-preamping” of tracks during production or mix down. This feature is the secret weapon of many VLC users and allows them to breathe new life into tracks received from remote clients or simply add a bit of extra mojo to a mix as needed.


Moving beyond the input and gain sections, the VLC delivers powerful tone contouring in the form of a passive LC EQ.  The bottom is handled by variable Low Cut and Low Boost controls while the top end is managed similarly with High Boost and High Cut dials. Each of these four controls features a two way High/Low Frequency Select switch for even more precise tone shaping. Beautifully musical – even at extreme settings – these controls encourage you to use your ears to dial in your tone while an EQ In/Out toggle is nearby to make it easy to check your work.


Hazelrigg Industries VLC: The audio Swiss Army Knife that you should not be without.


  • Microphone/Line/DI Preamplifier; LC Equalizer
  • Amplifier and Power Supply Designed by D.W. Fearn
  • Transformer Coupled Input and Output
  • All-Tube Signal Path
  • Passive EQ
    • Low Cut – Low Boost/High Cut – High Boost
    • 2-way Frequency Selector for Each
  • Custom-wound Inductor
  • Dedicated Balanced Line Input on Rear Panel (Selectable from the Front Panel)
  • Rear Panel Microphone Input
  • Front Panel Microphone/Instrument Input (Redundant Microphone Input on Rear Panel)
  • Locking +48V Safety Switch
  • -20 dB Switch
  • Polarity Reversal Switch
  • EQ Bypass Switch
  • 5 Year Warranty (90 days for vacuum tubes)
  • Handcrafted in the USA


Hazelrigg-Review“The Hazelrigg VLC-1 is a world-class channel strip that makes it easy to capture and shape any source, but it also has a flexibility that allows for fast-paced work flows, allowing the user to have confidence in on-the-fly decisions. In a short time, Hazelrigg has already delivered dozens of VLC-1’s to engineers and studios around the world.” “The tube DI is tremendously clean. I’m used to plugging my guitar and bass into amps and even very good DI’s and getting a sympathetic response from the circuit. This feeling affects my playing and timing; a listener may or may not notice the differences, but a player definitely does. The VLC-1 DI has the unique character of having almost no character at all.” Chibon Littlefield – Everything Audio Network >>> Read the full review.



“When you have clients literally stop mid-performance to tell you how amazing their voice or instrument sounds through the VLC, you know it’s a keeper!” – Mat (Songsbury) Teofilo, Musician/Producer/Engineer



Dom Morley

“Whatever you do with it…it sounds better. It’s only difficult to use because you don’t know which ‘better’ to go with.” – Dom Morley Producer / Engineer: Amy Winehouse, Adele, Sting, Nick Cave



“The moment you put this VLC box in your chain, you simply do not want to give this back!”Wes “Wesonator” Maebe, Engineer/Producer





Love my Hazelrigg pre and eq. It’s now an essential part of my vocal chain” – Spike Stent (Grammy winning producer/mixing engineer)



Dale_Becker“My VLC-1’s are a staple of my workflow. They excel in both recording/production and mixing/mastering applications. In any given day, I could be mastering through them as a tube stage & tone-shaping EQ in the morning and producing Hi-Fi records with them in the evening. The tube character is present but not overbearing. You can hear them smoothing and fattening transients without losing energy or punch. In one case recently, the VLC-1’s literally saved a record during mastering. They brought musicality and space back to a very harsh and distorted mix. If you find my pair on eBay, it’s clearly because someone has broken into my studio and stolen them. NOT FOR SALE.”Dale Becker, Becker Mastering



“It takes a lot to keep up with a band like Death Angel, but the Hazelrigg Industries VLC Preamp comes ready to fight. It’s all about tone, power and control and the VLC delivers every time” – Mark Osegueda, Vocalist: Death Angel



“Simply put the VLC is a stunning sounding Tube Mic pre!  Easy to use and handled every vocal and instrument I ran through it with incredible sonic results.  Running a bass direct through the VLC produced some of the best bass tones I’ve heard throughout my career.  The VLC turned heads and ears during my recording sessions!” – Brian Moncarz, Award-winning engineer/producer



fullsizerender“When Hazel first arrived on my doorstep, there were no firm plans in place, but I knew she was here to stay. Right from the start, she exuded a presence and self confidence which was undeniable. A classic beauty, spanning time, she does not give away all her secrets straight away. I find myself constantly drawn to her, hungry to hear more…”Colin Hay (Producer, lead vocalist of the band Men at Work & solo artist)




Knowing that I have 12 channels of pure, musical, lifelike capture permits me to focus my attention on what really matters: my relationship with the artist, the content of their ideas and what I can do to help them communicate with their audience.” – Jon Castelli (Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande)



I am absolutely blown away by the Hazelrigg VLC-1 Preamp. Recording my basses through this incredible unit allows me to hear details and nuances that I haven’t heard before.  – ‘The Burner’ Al Turner, Bassist





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